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04495三肖中特网:How to distinguish the original COXO products

With all customer’s support, COXO brand become stronger day by day, COXO products are popular in many countries.

Some illegal companies use “COXO” brand to illegally sell counterfeit products, disrupt market order and harm consumers’ interests.

We strongly advice customers buy our original products to protect your interest, avoid harm you and your customers, avoid loss money.

Please note follow points to distinguish the original COXO products:

  • Buy our goods from COXO’s official distributor, if you dont know who is our official distributor, try to contact us;
  • All our products are in our website “三肖中特期期准!337888 www.xfoij.icu”, if you find a goods with COXO logo but not in our website, be careful it;
  • All our products have anti-fake?label like this picture, if you find a goods with COXO logo but without this label, be careful it;


  • Open the label, show the complete QR code, use your mobile phone to scan the QR code, you will get some confirmation if the goods original COXO, otherwise, will show its not from COXO; Or open the label, you will get a number, you can use this number to check from our website, it will show you the result.

  • We Don’t sell our goods by internet, all COXO products in online market is?Unauthorized. Buying from unauthorized channel will not get official after-sales service.
  • COXO products is high quality with suitable price, if somebody show you very low price, dont believe its good quality and dont believe its from COXO.

If you already bought a fake COXO product, share some pictures to us, we will show to other customers, avoid more customer be cheated.

We will take more effective action to crack down on counterfeit products and protect the interests of consumers.